About Judy Reynolds

Judy Reynolds is a certified meditation instructor with the Chopra Center, California, where she studied meditation and the Vedic Arts under founders Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon.  In order to remain current she attends re-certification every 2 years.  Previously as a corporate coach, she designed training courses for financial institutions, with a focus on improving communication and empathy skills.  Judy has brought mindfulness training to adults, children and organizations, and is currently in partnership with the Toronto District School Board, breaking new ground by bringing mindfulness to classrooms.

A graduate (Honours BA) in Theatre from York University, Judy has an extensive background in the performing arts.  She spent many years working as a professional actress, performing in classical theatre and improv, and teaching children’s drama.  Judy was also the Artistic Director of a Middle Eastern dance academy, where she produced full length shows and helped women tell their stories through the art of belly dance.

Judy’s passion for learning has led her to some interesting cross cultural and cross generational experiences.  An interest in Asian studies led to a career as a feng shui consultant (she feng shui-ed part of the Toronto Star buildings), and as a professional belly dancer she has entertained “the troops” as the official wish genie for Canada’s veterans at Sunnybrook Veterans Residence.

Judy is an inspiring teacher who has taught everywhere from suburban living rooms to Warkworth Institution.  Now as a mother to two girls she has the honour of being a teacher in the most rewarding and challenging way, that of parent.

Her favourite place to meditate is anywhere near our Great Lakes.  Her motto is to be “an ambassador of joy”, and she loves to visit her parents’ cottage in “The County”.

Judy's many rolesThe Many Roles I’ve Played

Daughter, sister, student, actress, bellydancer, mother, friend, wife, ex-wife (LOL), corporate trainer, writer, feng shui expert, choreographer, Artistic Director, neighbour, board member, leader, teacher, traveller, lover, beginner, cook, musician, producer, fencer, wish genie, puppeteer…

… and the list goes on.

Think about your own roles, there are many yet not one role can define You. Not one can totally encapsulate your whole Self.  Still, it’s fun trying them all on.