Working with children

Adrienne, Elementary school teacher FI

A huge thank you to Judy Reynolds for her workshops on mindfulness and self-regulation with our class. With her guidance we have learned to take a pause, step back and breathe deeply when we feel our bodies reacting to stress. We are calmer, more focused and communicating with care and kindness. Gros bisous, Judy!

Alice Lu

I think Meditation is an important skill that everyone should adopt. My son started the mindfulness course at age 5, it was part of the school program. He applied the techniques that he learnt to daily life. There was an incident that I was angry about something that he did, he immediately guided me to use the breathing technique to calm myself down. Similar to times when he was sad or upset, he told himself to breathe. Clearly, Judy is a great instructor, she was able to teach the children in a fun way.

Chrystina, Elementary School Teacher

Judy presented a kids’ yoga / meditation class to my group of 4 and 5 year old JKs. Her warm and genuine manner made everyone feel instantly comfortable. Judy had a great sense of the children’s ability levels and attention spans, which is not easy with a diverse group of personalities.  Judy drew  in the reluctant participants, and had a good sense of timing when it came to keeping the children engaged and on task. Even my most distracted students were able to focus for the entire 40 minute session, due to the series of age appropriate activities and transitions. Judy’s positive attitude and calm demeanour made it a fun and worthwhile experience for students and teacher alike!

Melissa, ECE

Judy was very energetic and creative. Judy led the children through some basic yoga poses and with the help of her friend MonkeyMind, she taught the children about meditation.  The kids really took to her puppet MonkeyMind.  The puppet interacted with them and the kids were talking about it for days afterwards.  Also what really stood out for me was how she was able to adapt her teaching to the varied ages and attention spans of the all the school-aged children.

From the kindergarteners:

I liked the breathing.
I learned about Namaste!
I remembered to take a pause.
I liked making a mandala.
Pause, step back, jelly, jelly, jelly.
Mindfulness makes me happy.


Kyle: I learned to be centred on the self and to be focused and to let things go.

Kyle, age 10

I learned to be centred on the self and to be focused and to let things go.

Shelley, Kyle’s Mom

I just wanted to write about how helpful meditation has been for my son.  My son suffers from severe asthma and ADHD. We have used meditation to get us through his asthma flare-ups when it a  longer duration between treatments. From example he went from using his nebilizer every 3 hours to going 6 hours between treatments. It has also helped with his ADHD at school. It makes him stop and think for a minute, “ Is this what I should be doing?” And it calms him down when he is upset, so he doesn’t get angry.  This has been a very positive experience for him, that he will continue.  Judy has been a very positive and helpful person.

Working with organizations

Karen, Vice Principal TDSB

On behalf of everyone at Glen Park, thank you for sharing the incredible concepts of Mindfulness and Meditation.‎ The feedback has been nothing but positive…even from (who they would call themselves) the “non believers” ;)!  You truly impacted our staff today with the delivery of your knowledge and expertise‎! It was an engaging day that has our team asking for more!

Sarah, Community Counsellor

Judy volunteered her time to provide a 2 hour workshop as part of Cornerstone’s summer workshop series.  She created a nurturing, relaxed environment which made it easy to learn meditation skills.  Judy was well received by participants; a group of women that have experienced family violence.  We really appreciate the time and energy that Judy donated to the organization.

Coaching Individuals

Kira Borins

I thoroughly enjoy Judy’s coaching services. The combination of her patience expertise, warmth, and intuitiveness makes me feel truly blessed to have her as my coach. She has been guiding me through one of my biggest hurdles: extreme worry and anxiety. In just a few sessions with Judy, I have been able to identify some of the root causes of my anxiety and my triggers, and we have come up with a weekly plan of setting goals and working through helpful exercises to allow me to tackle my problems. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone who needs coaching for any issue whatsoever. She is amazing!

Anne Marie, Production Manager

It is a priceless gift to find the right teacher at the right time.  With a gracious and generous persona, she (Judy) taught by example and word about effort and result, acceptance, poise, grace and spirit.  She reawakened possibility…She is a wonderful teacher, a warm and loving human being.