Vision of Meet the Self

Your true Self is that part of you that is fearless, moves about in joy, and is beyond all roles. My vision is to help people remember that this is who they really are.

Why is this important?

We fall into the reality trap when we see the external as more real than the internal.  I am not discounting the external.  I love the beauty and diversity of the material world, and its connection to us..  But we have confused it with our identity.  We work a high pressure job so we must be important, get a divorce, now weʼre a failure, complete a degree, validated, get fired, invalidated.  We are letting outside circumstances control us.  Becoming the trappings of our culture and age, we do what is expected of us.

Often this just leads to a lot of confusion about how to be happy and what we should really be doing with our life.

Our purpose is to be our true selves. If we do that, the rest falls into place.

How does meditation or mindfulness training accomplish this?

There are many ways to access our true whole nature.  Meditation is one way, a practice that has been used for centuries to quiet the mind and bring awareness to everyday life.  With meditation we can take a pause from all this external pressure and just be.  Through training we become more aware, and we make choices that are more in alignment with our true Self.  Our selfish desires (usually motivated by fear) fall way, while more Self-like desires replace them.

How does this translate to modern life?  On a very practical level, if weʼre stressed out, exhausted and barely coping, weʼre not likely to access our true Self.  By practicing meditation we can cultivate a clear mind, free of anxious distractions, and a healthy, vital body.  This puts us in great shape for all our relationships, including the one with our Self.

A note on the Vision for Children

Many young children are already aware of their true natures.  So I think it would be adult hubris for me to say we have to teach children how to find their true Selves. But I do feel it is important to help them preserve this inner knowing.  In our modern world the stresses affecting adults are also encroaching earlier and earlier into childhood.  By teaching children meditation I hope to give them the tools to feel happy, supported and completely themSelves.