Fall and Feelings of Overwhelm

Ah Autumn, the return of purpose, crisp air, beautiful changing leaves, and the feeling of overwhelm.

Yes, as well as those fresh start feelings that come with fall, there is also a return to over-scheduling, and we wistfully admit that those lazy summer days are gone gone gone.  We shuttle our kids about like an Uber driver, plus there’s making lunches, daycare, rush hour, meetings, overflowing email, and lions and tigers and bears and oh my, you are feeling overwhelmed.

Does this sound familiar?  And hey just because I am a mindfulness teacher doesn’t mean I blissfully walk through my days on a cloud of zen.  I feel overwhelm too, and with my classes starting up in the next week, I recently found myself feeling rushed, panicky and wanting to bury myself in a safe pile of Netflix.  (I thought I’d start with Star Trek Next Generation cause there’s like seven seasons LOL.)

So what exactly is overwhelm?

Overwhelm ultimately comes down to a feeling of not enoughness.  Not enough time and not enough of you to go around.  It is when we place our value on achievement and getting it done.

But your value is not dependent on anything you do.  This is what we are reminded of in meditation.  That your value is in your being-ness, in your being here.  You are after all a human being, not a human doing.

And most of the people that really love you, (and please include yourself in that) do not care about how you got the project in ahead of schedule, or how your kids never miss an activity.  They care about being with you.  So when you are making yourself crazy trying to get it all done, think about who you are really serving.

But it’s ok that you are feeling overwhelmed.  It’s alright.  However you feel is always natural and normal.  Take some belly breaths and ask yourself “What can I do to make myself feel a little better?” You could:

1) take a nap.

2) do some exercise (that you like)

3) meditate

4) journal

5) go out in nature

6) hang out with people that are fun

7) take a nap

We have been programmed to believe that there is great strength in being able to do too much, and somehow stay functioning.  But we are not computers, we are humans, and our great strength is in listening to our true selves, no matter the pressure around us.

Please share some other tips that you may have about dealing with overwhelm.  Feel free to email me or post on the meet the self facebook page.

Wishing you many blessings.

Much love,


 Me and my girls, Grace and Pearl