Stress Quiz for Kids

How stressed are your children? Ask them to answer the following questions to get a quick idea (and adults, you can take the quiz too).

Answer each question with a number ranging from 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest, and the breakdown as follows:

  1. Yes, absolutely!
  2. Most of the time.
  3. Sometimes, not always.
  4. Not as much as I’d like.
  5. Never, no way!

Question #1:
Do you get enough sleep, and do you fall and stay asleep without difficulty?

Question #2:
Do you eat well, choosing healthy, nourishing foods?

Question #3:
Do you exercise on a regular basis?

Question #4:
Do you spend time in nature?

Question #5:
Do you do something just for fun at least once a week?

Question #6:
Do you practice meditation or another mindfulness technique?

Question #7:
Are you able to talk to someone about your feelings when you are angry, scared or hurt?

Question #8:
Do you have friends or family you can rely on if you need a favour or help with something?


8 to 16:
Way to go! You are one cool cucumber.  You have learned to live a balanced life.  Your body and mind are able to work well because you are doing the right things to keep your stress in check.  Notice how great you are feeling right now and what you are doing that’s working for you.  That way if your stress levels ever do creep up, you’ll remember you have the skills to deal.

17 to 24:
You are coping in some ways, but your stress levels could still come down.  Notice which questions you rated high, and see if you can make small improvements.  You might think,  “Well I’m doing ok, stress is a part of life”.  And yes while that’s true, it should not stop you from living your best life.  You don’t want to just survive, you want to thrive.


25 to 32:
Warning, stress alert.  You are letting your stress levels get out of control.  When we get stressed, our immune system goes down.  If you don’t reduce your stress, you could get sick.  And are you having any fun?  That’s usually the first thing to go when people are this stressed out.  One time this week let go of all the things you have to do, and pick something you really want to do, something fun!

33 to 40:
You are stressed to the Max.  Watch out!  Your stress level is hitting the roof and your body is not going to like it.  Try and find some ways to bring balance to your life.  Don’t try and do it all at once, because that might make you more stressed out.  Just pick one thing from your list.  For example, if you are not spending enough time in nature, see if just once a week you can go for a walk in the park.  And breathe.